Saturday, February 25, 2017

Christmas 2015





Jordan and Hannah

All the girls (Ava, Jordan holding Hannah, and Kailyn)

Christmas Eve we let the kids open one present. This year everyone got BYU hats.

The kids all wanted to sleep on their floors together.
Chase and Caden

Ava and Jordan

All the gifts under the tree.

Christmas breakfast before we open presents.

Opening stockings.

Its hard when everything isn't for you.

Jordan making Hannah happy again.

Jordan got a lump of coal for Christmas.

A plate Caden made for Ken and me.

A snowman Chase made for Ken and me.

Chase got distracted and forgot to finish writing who it was from.

Hannah loved the chocolate and quickly started stealing from others.

Ava really wants her ears pierced so she can wear earrings. We are not ready to let her get them pierced yet (she needs to be old enough to be able to care for them on her own) so she was super excited to get clip-ons.

Caden got a Pillow Chum for his birthday and the rest of the kids all really wanted on too. So guess what the 3 youngest got for Christmas.

Watch out I think someone stole some chocolate.
Kailyn was very excited to get some combat boots.

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chrisjones said...

So fun to see these pictures from awhile ago. Your kids have certainly grown up!