Saturday, November 7, 2015

Father's Day 2015

The kids sure love their dad and made sure Father's Day was special.

First they decorated.

Jordan created a treasure hunt for Ken.

First, we need a picture of Dad with all of his kids.

Caden being silly.

Ken trying to figure out Jordan's treasure hunt.

Ava drew a beautiful card for her dad.

We went to the park where the kids enjoyed a little water splash time.

Then we went bowling. Ken's big into having the kids plan an activity for Father's Day. The kids thought of this. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

This is the scavenger hunt Jordan put together.
Clue 1 (in the box): What gives off air, moves, but stays in place?
Clue 2 (fan): I teach manners, but I can't speak.
Clue 3 (TSG Books): I'm not big, but I'm heavy, and I make you stronger.
Clue 4 (weights): Give me a Clue: What is the funnest game?
Clue 5 (game closet): To find Clue, answer this question: What is square and soft and you sleep on for the night? (Ava)
Clue 6 (Ava's Art under her mattress): Towel Rack
Clue 7 (Towel Closet): Doctor! Doctor! I need pills!
Clue 8 (Loratadine Tabs): What measures and is made of wood?
Clue 9 (Height measuring stick): Your wife's newest shelves. 

The end: Shelly's NOT newest shelves (but her newest completed shelves)

We love our dad!