Friday, October 24, 2014

Father and Sons 2014

Ken was able to take the boys camping on the annual Father and Sons campout.  He looks forward to this tradition every year and specifically requests that weekend off each year.  It is also why he started his annual Daddy-Daughter campout (trying to keep it fair and giving the girls a chance to enjoy the rocks and camping, too).

Ken left in the late morning on Friday and did some geocaching and exploring with the boys while waiting for others to arrive.  It was cool with intermittent raining all Friday.

The boys requested Lunchables for lunch on the way up

Pizza Lunchables.  Can you think of anything that would be better?

Locating the first geocache--a microcache

Walking along the river, trying to find the next cache . . .

There it is.  Caden found it first.

The great swap presented a new car and a hopping frog.

Another cache, which Chase found first this time.

Caden giving directions.

We set up our tent between downpours

Trying to emphasize the fog in the area

We found the trailhead for the B17 Flight.  We didn't have time to do the hike this time.

But we found some rocks to play on!

View from the road

Dinner?  Tinfoil dinners, of course!

Enjoying our one-match fire

Still enjoying the fire, now with more friends

Chase in the morning

Caden in the morning.  What you can't see is the puddle of water behind Caden.  The tent leaks, apparently, and it rained most of the night.

Caden with his 4th 50th cup of hot chocolate

Chase found this to carry around as a weapon

Caden now finishing his 75th cup of hot chocolate

A fierce battle ensued--pine cone bombs and sword fights.

Caden with a little ladder golf (ladder toss) action

Chase showing his throwing skills

We heard about a nearby fort and decided to check it out.

Caden and Owen

Chase with Isaac in the background

Who can resist an overturned tree?

Some of the beautiful view.  LOVE the mountains!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Greeley Stampede

The kids had never been to a rodeo so we decided it was time to take them. Before the rodeo began, there was some fun things to do.

Don't think it was meant for such a little girl but she sure had fun trying.

Jordan giving it her all.

Kailyn and Chase having a turn. Took everything Chase had just to get his thing to stick

Go Kailyn!

Caden trying. He was laughing so hard by the end, he had a hard time even going.

Next we saw the some kids ride sheep, none of our kids thought this looked like fun once they saw all of the kids quickly falling off.
Jordan in the petting zoo.

Ava showing her patriotism.

We got to watch some local singers compete. Some were really young, but did a good job.

Next we watched the Marvelous Mutts.

Playing with Hannah.

Jordan got picked to be an assistant. She got to throw the frisbees so that the dog could catch it.

Next were BMX. They could do some pretty amazing tricks.

Chase and Caden.

Grabbing a bite to eat before the rodeo begins.


Kailyn taking a cat nap.
Mmm pizza!

We saw all of the typical rodeo stuff.

Hannah catching some ZZZs.

The kids actually all had fun at the Rodeo, well, all except Ava who was very restless and was ready to go home.

Bucking Broncos.

Calf roping.

Barrel racing.

And of course riding the bulls. We were able to walk right above where they released them and holy cow those things are huge!

The kids all loved it. Caden leaned over to me after it was over and asked if we could come back next time there was a rodeo.