Sunday, August 31, 2014

Random March/April

These will just be random pictures with very few captions.  This was Hannah at 2-3 months.

The Bandaid Ava wore for sympathy points for a couple of weeks.  No, there was not an "owie" under there.

A classic newborn Hannah expression--just trying to figure it out

Kailyn played a piano solo at the school talent show.  She did AWESOME!

Jordan and a friend sang a song from -- you guessed it -- Frozen.

Ava's binoculars, so she could see the show better

Hannah was as bad as Kailyn about pulling her own hair.  We had to save her from herself!

Shelly the multi-tasker

Trying on Kailyn's new glasses

It's not uncommon to have several friends over

Jordan's book report poster.

Caden had a scout activity and made this Rocket cake for dessert.

Random May

As the title suggests, these pictures are a collection of random pics of the kids.  Hannah was changing the most, so, of course, most of the pictures involve our growing newborn.

After a long night

Superheroes? Masked villains? Super cute?


Hannah was able to sit by 3 months (with lots of falls after a few seconds)

Jordan has a way with newborns

The best part of long baby hair--bedhead and after-nursing head

Some of the older girls' friends love helping Ava dress up.  Here she is in one of her fashion parades.

Jordan, Ava, and Olivia

Caden's Lego Creation

Showing off her Barbies

Chase's Lego Creation

We put Shelly to work painting at one of our rental properties.  She's best at the finishing touches.

If the baby sleeps--capitalize on that and get some sleep yourself.  Shelly was a little tired after we went swimming