Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hike with Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelsey

Starting the hike all smiles and full of energy.
All the hikers minus Ken.

Uncle Scott and Koen.

Caden brought his own backpack to carry his water and apparently, some light reading!?!?

Ava showing off her owies.

So we got a little lost... these two (or 4) were a little tired and needed to be encouraged along.

A stop for some ice cream after the hike. Jordan took the kids outside and had them all playing a game together, such a good big sister.

Kailyn's 11th Birthday

I think Kailyn had a pretty good birthday this year. She got have a friend party this year. The party was a spa theme, dinner was individual pizzas the girls made, they all made some scrubs to take home and then the night ended with a movie. Kailyn was so excited to have a friend party that she checked out spa books from the library and found all sorts of fun recipes and planned the evening out (made my job easy).

Friend Party

Emma, Kailyn, Averi, Anna, Melanie and Jordan relaxing with a banana/cucumber mask.

Pretty painted toes.

Crazy Picture! Anna, Melanie, Averi, Kailyn, Jordan, and Emma

Ice Cream sundaes for dessert.

Apparently, the birthday girl can't walk.

Family Party

Ready to open her presents

The face Kailyn gave when we told her she got nothing this year.

A basket for her bike so she can ride her bike to school and still carry her clarinet.

A first aid kit from Jordan. Kailyn is always prepared on hikes and stuff with a first aid kit and we thought it was time to upgrade.

A new backpack.

Kailyn LOVES Lindor's chocolates.

Cards from the grandparents.

Kailyn begged for a rhubarb pie.

Do we really trust her with fire?

Yum! Yum!

Mom and Dad Date

Starting when the kids get into Middle School we plan on taking each kid out to dinner individually to get a little one on one. In Elementary School, I take them lunch at school.
Everyone singing Happy Birthday at the restaurant. OK so technically it wasn't an individual date, Hannah tagged along too.

Had to get a picture of her blushing after everyone sang to her.

First Day of School 2014

Kailyn started 6th grade (Middle School) on a Monday. Jordan (4th grade), Caden (2nd grade), and Ava (Preschool co-op) started school on Tuesday. Kindergarten does a stagger start and Chase's first day was suppose to be Tuesday but he was still sick, so he didn't start till Thursday.

Kailyn 6th grade

Jordan and Ava

Jordan (4th grade), Caden (2nd grade), Ava (Preschool)



Chase (Kindergarten)

Chase wanted to make sure we got a picture of his new backpack.

Ava never misses out on a photo shoot and wanted her picture taken again.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Father and Sons 2014

Ken was able to take the boys camping on the annual Father and Sons campout.  He looks forward to this tradition every year and specifically requests that weekend off each year.  It is also why he started his annual Daddy-Daughter campout (trying to keep it fair and giving the girls a chance to enjoy the rocks and camping, too).

Ken left in the late morning on Friday and did some geocaching and exploring with the boys while waiting for others to arrive.  It was cool with intermittent raining all Friday.

The boys requested Lunchables for lunch on the way up

Pizza Lunchables.  Can you think of anything that would be better?

Locating the first geocache--a microcache

Walking along the river, trying to find the next cache . . .

There it is.  Caden found it first.

The great swap presented a new car and a hopping frog.

Another cache, which Chase found first this time.

Caden giving directions.

We set up our tent between downpours

Trying to emphasize the fog in the area

We found the trailhead for the B17 Flight.  We didn't have time to do the hike this time.

But we found some rocks to play on!

View from the road

Dinner?  Tinfoil dinners, of course!

Enjoying our one-match fire

Still enjoying the fire, now with more friends

Chase in the morning

Caden in the morning.  What you can't see is the puddle of water behind Caden.  The tent leaks, apparently, and it rained most of the night.

Caden with his 4th 50th cup of hot chocolate

Chase found this to carry around as a weapon

Caden now finishing his 75th cup of hot chocolate

A fierce battle ensued--pine cone bombs and sword fights.

Caden with a little ladder golf (ladder toss) action

Chase showing his throwing skills

We heard about a nearby fort and decided to check it out.

Caden and Owen

Chase with Isaac in the background

Who can resist an overturned tree?

Some of the beautiful view.  LOVE the mountains!