Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Ski Trip

Since Ken seems to have all the fun, I got to take Kailyn, Jordan, Caden and Chase on their first ski trip. It was so much fun! It was the last ski weekend of the season and the kids were really sad we wouldn't be able to go again until next year. I put all of them in ski lessons for the day. It was great because it was basically private lessons. Kailyn, Jordan, and Caden were together and Chase was the only one in his class.

Here are pictures of Kailyn, Jordan and Caden.

Here is one of Chase.

As part of the the ski package (lessons, ski rentals, etc) the kids got a free lunch. Jordan was amazed by the enormous cookie.

I just happened to be there when the kids were getting off of the ski lift for the first time. It was so funny. Kailyn got off and held onto the ski lift, fell down and then just sat there. Apparantly, their instructor was not clear about making sure to get out of the way.

Yep, here she is just laying there begging to be run skied over.

Caden trying to swerve to get around Kailyn who is laying there.

Right when I got home Ken had to leave for a meeting. My friend Megan and I (She has three kids that are really good friends with 3 of mine) stuffed some eggs and hid them for the kids in the park near our house. Then when it was dark enough we let the kids go out and go Easter egg hunting with their flash lights. The kids had tons of fun. Such a fun idea Megan. (and I forgot to take any pictures)

Earlier in the day while we were gone, Ken took Ava and Hannah to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

Ken also took them to a free event at a local nursery. As you can see Hannah loved the Easter Bunny.

This bunny was much better.

They also got to ride the penny horse at the grocery store.

Mother's Day 2015

Yes, it snowed on Mother's Day! What? That is not a good Mother's Day present. Other than the snow it turned out pretty good. Ken had to work but when he got home he helped the kids cook me a delicious meal.

Ava giving me the present she made a preschool.

Chase made me a card with a poem at school...

...and a card at home.

Kailyn made me some delicious chocolate bon bons and fudge.

Caden made me a card.

And a heart at Cub Scouts (Caden made sure I didn't look while he was making it at cub scouts, since I am his leader).

Jordan made me a plate with a poem she wrote herself.

Hannah gave me a snuggle.

Dinner was SO good. It was Salmon with Dill Pistachio Pistou.

Dessert was fruit cookie pie. It was REALLY good. It had a lemon twist I loved.

April 2015

So, I had a little fun this year for April Fool's. I packed the kids' lunches. I carefully opened the different things dumped out the contents and refilled them with, pretzels, apples, fruit twist, and Sprite. Wish I could have seen them open them up.

We also had an April Fools dinner (which flopped). This is something we did while I was growing up (thanks for the idea mom). I made a menu with crazy names for food. The kids had to number them and then ended up getting their items out of order. Like dessert with a napkin but no utensils. We started the evening with everyone but before the first round even ended, everyone ended up having to leave unexpectedly...I was left with Hannah, Ava and Chase, non of whom really got what was going on.

Here is what everyone got for round 1:

Ava got butter and a roll.

Chase got soup and butter (but nothing to eat with).

Caden got a roll and spoon. Looks like Chase and Caden should hook up.

Jordan got dessert and butter.

Kailyn was pretty proud of herself, she got soup and a spoon.

Ken had to leave before I got his picture but he got dessert and a napkin.

Hannah lucked out and got it all at once...yet she's still not happy.

Caden curled up with a book.

Caden getting some Cub Scout awards.

Cub Scouts that received awards.

Hannah and Ava enjoying the sun.

Caden, Hannah, Ava, and friend Owen playing in the sand.

Hannah feel asleep on the floor. She is holding her purple blanket that I original got from my grandma (but was made by my Aunt Bonnie) when I had Kailyn. I love that she loves this blanket.

Jordan reading a book at Target while she waits. She is at a good part and doesn't want to put it down.

Kailyn and her friends were doing a play for school and were filming at our house. Ava and Hannah had fun with with one of the wigs.

After seeing Ava, Hannah tried to put it on but as soon as we got out the camera, she pulled it off and wouldn't put it back on.

Ken thought it would be fun to give Hannah some Sprite.

Its fizz took her by surprise.

Checking out patio furniture at Costco.

Ken found some small plastic cups on clearance and thought they would be great for the kids to use for drinking cups. The kids thought they would be great to stack and play with. I couldn't decide on which picture to post, so I just posted them all.

Caden giving a presentation in class on Chaos "the first of all gods" in Greek Mythology.

Another Preschool field trip.

Chase getting promoted to blue belt.

How does one get the last drops of yogurt?

Must get every last morsel...

I think we only accomplished making a bigger mess.

Ava at her friend Nora's birthday party.

Caden had an art show at school. He showed us some of his work.

And a picture of the rest of the art work he did throughout the year.