Thursday, October 9, 2014

Greeley Stampede

The kids had never been to a rodeo so we decided it was time to take them. Before the rodeo began, there was some fun things to do.

Don't think it was meant for such a little girl but she sure had fun trying.

Jordan giving it her all.

Kailyn and Chase having a turn. Took everything Chase had just to get his thing to stick

Go Kailyn!

Caden trying. He was laughing so hard by the end, he had a hard time even going.

Next we saw the some kids ride sheep, none of our kids thought this looked like fun once they saw all of the kids quickly falling off.
Jordan in the petting zoo.

Ava showing her patriotism.

We got to watch some local singers compete. Some were really young, but did a good job.

Next we watched the Marvelous Mutts.

Playing with Hannah.

Jordan got picked to be an assistant. She got to throw the frisbees so that the dog could catch it.

Next were BMX. They could do some pretty amazing tricks.

Chase and Caden.

Grabbing a bite to eat before the rodeo begins.


Kailyn taking a cat nap.
Mmm pizza!

We saw all of the typical rodeo stuff.

Hannah catching some ZZZs.

The kids actually all had fun at the Rodeo, well, all except Ava who was very restless and was ready to go home.

Bucking Broncos.

Calf roping.

Barrel racing.

And of course riding the bulls. We were able to walk right above where they released them and holy cow those things are huge!

The kids all loved it. Caden leaned over to me after it was over and asked if we could come back next time there was a rodeo.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family Reunions 2014

This year we got to go to 2 family reunions. We originally didn't think we were going to be able to make it to the Jones reunion but at the last minute we found out we could make it to at least a day of it…well all minus Ken who was on the youth Trek as the medical person.

Ava took a nice long nap in the car, which was great for the drive but not so great when it was bedtime.  Luckily, she and Brinlee were both up and had so much fun walking around in other people's shoes and laughing at everything.

The three babies: Hannah, Nora, and Koen.

Jordan and Kailyn helped make a cake for Grandma's birthday. Jordan did you snitch some?

We got to go on a beautiful hike….

Well, all except Ava, who was being very stubborn. She refused to walk. Not sure why, she really is a normally a great walker.

Jordan is a great hiker.

Coming down the trail with Chase and Hannah sleeping in the pack. Chase loves to hold hands whenever we walk together. I'll be sad when he gets too big to do this.

Yes it was gorgeous up there.

Ava you are much too big for that!

Our hiking group.

Playing in the water.

Crossing over a bridge.  See Ava?  You do know how to walk.

Grandpa showing the kids the petrified snakes on the path.  Wait a minute! I think those are just tree roots.

Ken surprised us and was able to come and join us for just a bit. 

All of the grandkids.

What is the cabin without a campfire?

Grandpa even brought sparklers to share.

Grandpa sharing with Jordan and Krew.

So sad when it was time to go.

So cute when she is sleeping.
Our next stop was to join up with the Bassett reunion in the Yellowstone area. A lot of the following pictures are from a photo scavenger hunt we had to do.

Picture with a mud pot

Picture by the entrance sign
Yes, there were lots of buffalo.  This one was scary for poor Shelly!  Or is she tired?

Picture by the smallest lake we could find.
Picture by a tree that we named.  We named this one "Dead" and tried to spell it.  Hmmm.  Not quite how we expected it.
Picture by a flower.

Picture of the smallest animal we could find.  Thanks for holding still so we could get a picture of a lady bug.
Austin and James doing some rock skipping.
Reed and Austin helped us to get our silly picture.

Trying to get the kids into a pyramid.

Trying to feed a sleeping cousin.
Caden took a tumble and then to proceeded to get the dirt everywhere...

Kailyn standing above some falls.

Checking the water to make sure we didn't lose any kids to the swift current.

Swimming in the boiling river.

Kailyn enjoying the warmth.

Just don't float away Jordan.

Holding tight so these two little ones don't float away.

Hannah even liked it.

We even got to see a few bears.
A Grizzly right in the middle of the picture.

Everyone added their hand print to the family tree.

Grandpa and Hannah.

Breven and Caden swinging someone in the hammock.

Grandma and Hannah.

Gotta love cousins.
Thank goodness the weather was perfect so we could eat outside.

Marshmallow time.

Chase trying to roast a marshmallow.
So nice to be able to catch up face to face.

The little cabin we stayed in.
The beautiful views.