Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelsey Meet Hannah

Not sure how these didn't get published before but had to get them up. Not long after Hannah was born Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelsey came to meet their new niece (Ken was not able to join us because of work).

Scott practicing holding a baby to get ready for their little boy Koen to be born in a few months.

I don't know why, but anytime adults come to visit us our kids go crazy.

Uncle Scott was such a good sport about it and soon became the human slide. The kids loved it and were laughing as they climbed all over Uncle Scott.

Aunt Kelsey getting a chance to hold Hannah.

The kids were so sad when they had to leave. I think they wore out Uncle Scott.

Snuggled up on Uncle Scott.

Ava's 4th

Ava was SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOO excited for her birthday. She was constantly asking how much longer till her birthday. I love this age and the excitement they get for things. One of my favorite things about being a mom, seeing the excitement on their faces.

Kailyn and her friend Anna decided to get Ava all fancy for her party with a beautiful dress and hair.

Ava was pretty excited to dig into her presents.

Chase found a bunch of Frozen stuff. Ava was over the moon happy! She LOVES Frozen.

Opening up some Elsa hair.

Jordan made an 'Anna cap and hat' for Ava. Ava thought it was fantastic (even though these pictures don't capture it).

Crazy hair Hannah.

Dora doll from Grandma and Grandpa Bassett.

Going along with her love of the movie Frozen, we created a cake inspired by Elsa.

So, we accidently put on those candles that relite themselves. Self relighting candles took us by surprise, especially Ava who had never seen them before.

Meet our Ava...

Favorite color? pink
Favorite food? German Pancakes
What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanna be... I don't know. I'm goin' clean up (not sure what this means)
Favorite thing to do? playing (she loves dancing to music, she is actually quite good and I often have people ask where she takes dance)
Who are your friends? Cadence (Black), Tessa (Davidson), and all my friends (meaning all her friends from her preschool)
What is your favorite toy? Elsa doll she got for Christmas
Favorite Story/Book? Cinderella and all of the princess books
Where do you want to live when you get big? the ballet house (we went and looked at some spec homes in the area and one of them had a little girls room decorated with a ballet theme)
How many kids are you going to have? 100
Favorite song? all of the girl songs but not the boy songs
Favorite movie? all the girl movies and the all the boy movies are my favorite (I would add that she loves Frozen)
What makes you happy? watching a movie
What makes you sad? when i get pushed or hit or all not nice things
How do you know mom and dad love you? I don't know.

Hannah Gets her 1st Cake and Ice Cream

Can you believe Hannah is 1?! And yes it is her 'Golden Birthday'. Jordan made a beautiful cake for Hannah.

So excited for her first taste of cake and ice cream. Can you just see the excitement in this picture? OK so not really.

Not really sure how to proceed.

First taste of cake was pretty good.

Then came her first taste of ice cream...she LOVED it!

Well, that is until her hand got too cold.

Unable to bear her cold hand anymore she moves back to her cake. Well, sort of. She decided to use it like shampoo.

Then she took a big chunk and just put it on her eye. I am not really sure what she was trying to do but it was really funny.

YEAH, for cake and ice cream!

Apparently, a bit embarrassed when she realized how dirty she was.

It's OK Hannah, we'll just take you out and clean you up.

After a bath it was time for presents.

I love how all of the kids are so excited for her presents and can't wait to help her use them.

Opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Not sure why she was not smiling, but Caden decided he was going to take care of that problem.

I can't believe how quickly Hannah realized this was her bike and wouldn't let anyone touch it. She can be very territorial and very loud about it.

About Hannah on her 1st Birthday:

She is a cute kid. She is not really speaking. At nine months she said 'yeah' and clapped for about a week and then didn't do it again. Doesn't do much baby blabber either.  Every once in awhile she will say 'baba' (not referring to anything). She can use baby sign language to say 'eat' and 'more'. She has been walking for about a month.

She still does not sleep through the night despite our best efforts. She has been our worst sleeper, which is saying a lot because none of our kids have been good sleepers as babies. She hates going to bed and once we start bedtime routine she reaches for the door and wants out. She is still waking up at night but that has to do with colds and teeth coming in.

She does not give smiles freely (definitely does not smile at strangers). Her brother Caden can make her smile and laugh at the drop of the hat.

She love shoes and tries to put on Ava or my shoes and walk around. She can give a high five. Hannah loves to give kisses and hugs. Anytime she hears clapping she gets excited and joins in.

She has long hair and I think it makes people think she is older than she really is. People are constantly commenting on how tiny she is even though she is pretty tall for her age.

She is the worst at getting teeth. Her gums swell and look so sore but the tooth takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to actually break through the skin.  This means she is waking up multiple times during the night as they come in.

She loves going up and down the stairs and loves to "show off" this new skill any chance she gets (whether it is our stairs or stairs leading up to the church). She of course loves to be with the big kids and always tries to follow them outside. Everywhere we are she wants down so she can walk around. She walks around like she is so proud of the fact that she can walk. Although, she likes to show off her new skill in public, at home she loves to be held, all the time. Loves the bear she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Jones. Every time she sees it she smiles (yes, for what ever reason she is not stingy with smiles when it comes to the bear) and hugs it. She also loves Ava's baby and is always trying to take it, which does not make Ava happy at all.