Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rockies Game 2014

Ken found a deal for tickets to the Rockies' Game. The tickets included the game, program, parking pass, 4 hotdogs, and 4 drinks.
Caden, Jordan and Kailyn were the lucky 3 to go with Ken this time.

I beat you didn't know we have a few baseball players in our family.





Shot of Kailyn right as she hit a home run!

It was a fun, but late night.

YMCA of the Rockies, Final Evening

The last day we were there they had a special program, "Estes Park After Dark." There were games, free food, learning activities and singing around the campfire.

Reaching in the holes to feel what was inside and see if they could guess the item.
Trying to eat a donut off of a string.

So... I am trying to catch the donut for Chase, because a lot of the kids would bite into the donut and then the donut would fall into the dirt (and you only got one donut). And as you can see Chase was cheating just a little.

Playing pin the antlers on the elk.

Kailyn's face paint.

Jordan and Chase


Ava told them that she wanted to be a zombie, so they painted her face to look like a zombie. Not sure how our lover of all things pink/purple and princess decided this was a good look.


Chase and Caden as mountain lions.

Ava getting some arm art.

Chase's bat

Eating dinner.

Singing around the campfire.

Chase loved the singing and really got into it.

Zombie dance?

On a hike to learn about animals at night.

Learning about different animals.

Kailyn making a pinecone spider.

Chase's spider.

Kailyn roasting a marshmallow.

Caden's eagle.

Hannah was so tired.


Here are some pictures of our cabin. It was nice to be able to have a flushing toilet and a shower and be able to cook all of our own meals.

Inside kitchen/dining/living room.

The master

Caden and Chase shared a bed and Ava slept on the twin mattress.

Kailyn and Jordan shared a room
As we were getting ready to leave these 2 elk started to fight about 100 yards from us. We stayed in our car but others got insanely close to get a picture. Yeah, I'm not getting close to two male elks fighting.

Here is Kailyn's sun art from Day 2.