Tuesday, September 15, 2015

May 2015, Part 2

We had Jordan's dance recital in May. She did fabulous. She is such a beautiful dancer.

Jordan is the front right.

OK, so Ava has her own fashion sense. I say, it is not worth the battle most the time and just roll with it (maybe giving suggestions). This is the outfit she choose to wear to go watch Jordan's recital. The hat and red thing around her neck and her doll were hidden in her backpack and taken out once we got there (probably because she knew I would suggest something else if she had tried to walk out the door with it on).

Hannah fell asleep while eating something. To tired to even finish chewing.

Chase's Kindergarten music concert. Seriously, SO cute. Sorry this is the only picture but I spent the majority of the concert outside because Hannah was being so ornery (and yes I mean outside the building, she was even too loud to stand in the hallway)

Yep, here we are again with Ava's personally picked outfit. Again she had different shoes on when we left, wasn't wearing the black jacket and didn't have the glasses on. After we sat down, I turned to see her looking like this (apparently, I need to check her bags before we leave the house).

It is so hard to get a non super cheesy or stiff smile from Chase.

Can you tell Ava loves getting her picture taken?

And soon everyone wanted to be in on the picture...

So Chase went through this period where he was sleep walking a lot. Often he would come out of his room in a panic. I quickly learned that when you can't understand him or he is pacing or panicking it is because he needs to use the restroom. One night I hear someone up (Ken and I were not in bed yet), and can hear what sounds like someone panicking. I tell Ken to quickly go help him (I was dealing with Hannah). Unfortunately, Ken is too late and walks in to Chase peeing into the bucket full of the kids church shoes. Eew!

Hannah our little climber, having fun taking off the couch cushions climbing up them and the sliding or running down them.

Hannah loves peanut butter and will eat it by the spoonfuls or in this case the handfuls.

Some of Caden's artwork from school.

"The Best Part of Me: My hands. My hand are strong. They help me lift stuff. They can chop wood. They me tie a tie. I couldn't bear life without my hands."

Jordan wrote a bunch of poems and then created this poster to share at an open house.

Don't let those cute faces fool you...

Yep, this is pretty much my kids and my life...crazy!

Passing time by playing in the rain. We were at Caden's belt promotion, but it is an awfully long time to sit for little kids. Decided that the next time Ken is working and the girls are at their own activities, it may be worth it to just hire a sitter.

Caden getting his High Blue Belt.

Ava's preschool creation.

Jordan's art from the year.

Chase's art from the year.

Chase wanted to make sure I got a good picture of his 3 favorite art projects.

No, she's not tired she just likes the feel of the table on her face.

I had promised the girls that we would go swimming the day the pool opened. Unfortunately, the weather turned just as we were getting ready to go, but a promise is a promise. The weather was not that nice..ok it was downright cold.. but the two little girls thought it was still a perfect day to swim. They only got to swim for half an hour and then we got kicked out because of rain clouds rolling in.

See that person in the background wearing a jacket? Yeah, it was that cold.

We went to Aunt Brenda's and Uncle Andrew's for a BBQ and apparently the neighbors thought it was a great day to BBQ, too. Their party was much cooler, though, with a row of motorcycles out front. They offered to let the kids sit on them, which the kids thought was the coolest thing.

Ava and Becky.

Jordan and Chase.

Caden lucked out and got his own.

All of the kids lined up.

A few of the guys even revved their bikes for the kids...which made it even cooler.

May 2015, Part 1

I signed the kids up to do some fun runs. It is really crowded at the starting line and they start the kids in waves. So, I told Jordan and Caden to stick together and Chase and Kailyn to stick together. Caden and Jordan ended up holding hands the whole race. Ken was actually able to join us for this run and took pictures for us.

Caden and Jordan holding hands and running.

Chase and Kailyn.

Ava did fantastic. This run was a dog theme, so there were a lot of dogs running, too. After an incident earlier this year, Ava is now deathly afraid of dogs. At the starting line, she was saying she didn't want to run, but just before they started our group, a dog came up behind us (a very nice looking German Shepherd on a leash) and Ava took off like a bullet and ran for quite a while. I guess that's one way to get her going.

Here are just some random pictures of Hannah. She is growing up so fast.

I guess one sippy cup just wasn't enough.

Hannah loves our laptops. She is always wanting to hold them. She doesn't know how to do anything on them, just loves to hit the keys (sometimes adding random stuff to my calendar :)...as long as she doesn't delete anything off of my calendar).

The kids playing in the rain.

Our May Cub Scout pack meeting was supposed to be outdoors with a bike theme, but the rain ruined it, so the activity was moved indoors. The kids had a lot of fun playing games at the different stations.

Hannah (in pink) watching Ava (purple shirt) play Twister

Caden (yellow shirt) playing with Owen (on the right in Cub Scout shirt).

Go Ava!

Chase taking a break.

Caden getting ready to show them how its done.

Hannah showing off her cool new look.

Kailyn's band concert. Follow the yellow pipes down and you will see her looking at the camera.

Walking to our car after the concert. Hannah grabbed Chase's hand. She had never done this before.

Fun Preschool activity building an airplane at Home Depot.