Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Phillassetts 2014 -- Days 1 and 2

Yes the Phillassetts, aka the Phillips and the Bassetts, met up for a little vacation. We had so much fun on our little trip seeing some of the National Parks in Colorado and Utah.

One of the places we stopped was the sand dunes. There was this little river that ran through it. Ken told the kids they could put their feet in but not to get all wet. After about 5 minutes this was our status...
Chase listened and was careful not to get his clothes. Ava was completely drenched.

Kailyn was not too bad.
Ken then said the kids could get as wet as they wanted. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water and sand.

We decided to hike up the sand dunes.

Buddies Jordan and Taiya

The kids had fun running and jumping down the sand.

For dinner we stopped for some Mexican.

The clouds were amazing at the Sand Dunes.

We decided to take an easy little hike...or at least we thought it would be. We got part way there and decided the roads were too bad to go any further with our cars so we hiked the rest of the way.

Poor Chase was not feeling very good and was running a bit of a fever. He was such a trooper. He walked for a while and then got a ride for a while.

Ava walked the whole way.

I don't look very happy but really I loved the hike.

The hike ended at a beautiful lake.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

Ken got some time off on Labor Day weekend. Austin (his brother) and his kids Asher and Lincoln came up for a little fun four wheeling with Ken and our kids. Hannah and I opted to stay home since Hannah hates her carseat.

Looks like they got to see some gorgeous scenery.

They did a little hiking to break up all of the car riding.
Caden loves to climb big rocks.

Another gorgeous view.

The kids had a lot of fun. Ken assured me that they were going really slow and no one fell out.

After their fun four wheeling, they came back to our house and we all went swimming at our neighborhood pool. Sadly, we have no pictures.
Lincoln checking our Hannah, while Ava makes sure that he knows that Hannah is 'her baby'.

Random October 2014

Checking out our new Costco. Hannah is cutting teeth and wants to be held a lot. Here she fell asleep.
Caden's class did a play on bugs.

Caden and good friend Owen.

Ava loves the park

All looking up to see what Hannah finds so interesting.

Chase always wants to keep everything he makes. He said we could get rid of this headband as long as I got a picture of it. So here it is.