Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hanging Lake 2014

On our way home from being with the Phillips, we made a stop for a hike to Hanging Lake. We were getting out of the car and the kids asked if we had any snacks. Ava promptly said, "don't worry, I've got it." I went to grab Hannah out of her car seat and came back to find Ava shoving all sorts of things down her pants. She looks at me and said, "Don't worry mom, I've got snacks for everyone." Who knew pants could be so helpful for carrying snacks?
Ava ready with our snacks.

Hannah ready to go.

Yes, we are hiking a difficult trail with a bunch of kids.

An example of what the trail looked like. It was hard. We saw one guy pass us like four times. He was seeing how many times he could do the hike in a day.

Hannah wasn't sure why everyone thought it was so hard. She thought the hike was great.

The big kids waiting for the slower ones to catch up.

Taking a little break.

Chase was still not feeling well. His fever was gone but he just didn't have any energy. We ended up carrying him part of the way.

Ava came down with purple tongue-itis.

Borrowing Ava's blanket because he was feeling a little cold.

There were some gorgeous falls on the way up.

Hannah discovered her tongue.

Here we are, almost to the top.

Finally made it to Hanging Lake.

We did it!

Jordan kept getting as close to the water as she could, I was sure she was going to fall in.

Chase trying to get warm in the sun and get a little energy from some lunch.

Caden of course has to see if the rocks were climbable.

Hannah was very fascinated by the leaves.

What a great way to end a great trip.

Phillassetts 2014 Day 5

Our final day together.

We were able to rent a little house. Which was so nice because we could all hang out together and cook our food at the house.

Some pictures of us hanging out at the house before taking off for our adventure for the day.

Our final day we went to Arches National Park.

Caden in rock climbing heaven.
A picture in front of Balanced Rock

Chase was not feeling very good and finally talked Ken into carrying him for a bit.

All of our kids. Jordan, Kailyn holding Hannah, Ava, Chase and Caden

Hannah so happy to be free from her carseat. Hannah hates her carseat. This trip involved a lot of crying from this girl.

One of the arches we went to see was Double Arches. This is was one of the kids favorite stops because there was a lot of stuff to climb and the arches provided some shade (it was super hot this day).
Double Arch

See that yellow dot up there that is Caden.

Zoomed in as much as my camera would let me.

Jordan, Heber holding Shad, Caden, and Taiya.

Kailyn trying to make it over to everyone else.

Hannah getting in naps whenever she could.
After the arches we went back to our house and cooled off in the pool.
Hannah happy to be out of her carseat.

Taevin and Caden

Taiya and Jordan

Everyone playing some games.

Hannah liked the bubbles from the hot tub.

Sadly our time together had to come to an end. We had to say good bye.

Taiya and Jordan

Jenessa and Kailyn

Caden, Taevin and Chase

Shad and Ava

Shad taking a picture of of Ava.