Sunday, December 14, 2014

Labor Day Weekend 2014

Ken got some time off on Labor Day weekend. Austin (his brother) and his kids Asher and Lincoln came up for a little fun four wheeling with Ken and our kids. Hannah and I opted to stay home since Hannah hates her carseat.

Looks like they got to see some gorgeous scenery.

They did a little hiking to break up all of the car riding.
Caden loves to climb big rocks.

Another gorgeous view.

The kids had a lot of fun. Ken assured me that they were going really slow and no one feel out.

After their fun four wheeling, they came back to our house and we all went swimming at our neighborhood pool. Sadly, we have no pictures.
Lincoln checking our Hannah while Ava makes sure that he knows that Hannah is 'her baby'.

Random October 2014

Checking out our new Costco. Hannah is cutting teeth and wants to be held a lot. Here she fell asleep.
Caden's class did a play on bugs.

Caden and good friend Owen.

Ava loves the park

All looking up to see what Hannah finds so interesting.

Chase always wants to keep everything he makes. He said we could get rid of this headband as long as I got a picture of it. So here it is.

Random Pics June 2014

Jordan made this pillow for Ken for Father's Day
The kids love to hold Hannah during church.

Ava and Chase

Chase wanted his picture taken and then he wanted to try taking some pictures.....

Chase's pictures...
He loves this toy owl he got from Kailyn. He named it Howl.

Trying to get a picture of Ava's doll.

Howl taking a nap.
Then Ava took over the picture taking....
Chase and Caden outside playing.

What dad looks like from Ava's perspective.

Caden from Ava's perspective.

Jordan and Hannah from Ava's perspective.

Shelly Turns 34

Getting all of my presents

I think we have some future professional gift wrappers on our hands.

Feeding Hannah while I wait for dinner to get done. I have become really good at typing one handed.

Kailyn and Jordan made a delicious, from scratch, cake. Yum!

Sprinkles that spell mom.

Hannah helping with unwrapping.

Kailyn made a beautiful necklace.

Apparently, no one could find the tissue paper.

Ava so excited to give me her gift.

Jordan made a pillow for me with 'Mom' stitched on it.

Admiring Jordan's handy work.
Yep this kid slept through the whole party. Poor kid came down with something terrible during our reunion and was sick with a fever and weakness for almost a whole month. He was such a trooper during our trip with our friends but by the time we got home he was ready to just lay around and recover.

Whoa! how old is Mom?

Kailyn has been planning for months to make me this shrimp stir fry.

It was REALLY good. 

I happily ate everyone's shrimp (I think I am the only one that likes them).