Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Miami Trip

Ken found out one of his good friends from Russia was in Miami and took the opportunity to go and see her.  She was being treated for cancer.  He took Caden as his traveling companion.  There wasn't much time, so he went on a Friday after work and returned Saturday evening before his next early morning shift on Sunday morning.  It was great to see friends again!

Denver airport train system

Waiting in the airport

Down the walkway towards the plane

Happy to be flying

Activities to pass the time

Yummy.  Pizza.
It was October.  Too bad Caden didn't have any fun at the beach.

Caden following my instructions to stay dry

Ken, Caden, Matthew, Angelica, and Lena

With the ocean in the background

Sleeping in the rental car on the way back to the airport

Scared of all the flying fish at the airport

Random April

Some old random pictures from April.

Caden as a "Rappin' Raptor" in his class play

Ava after a hard day

Our Little Hannah

Anger? Not sure what emotion Ava is trying to express here.

A little better
Hannah just saw who was holding her.

Hannah: Are you looking at me?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Ken found a free activity for the family, a Free Family Fishing Fest in Colorado.  The national park service provided a free fishing pole to each of the kids and provided a personal guide to help teach the art of fishing.  We had a lot of fun catching the fish.  We had several bites and ended up catching 8 fish--6 rainbow trout and 2 brown trout.  We started with catch and release, but some of the fish were so badly injured from the fishing that we ended up taking them home for dinner.

Shelly and Hannah

Caden's catch

Jordan helping hold Hannah

Chase getting ready for the big cast

Kailyn's catch

Chase's catch

Jordan doing her thing.  She was seen dancing around several times like this.

Shelly helping with the cast and the hand off to Ava.

Caden's catch

Jordan's catch

Jordan helping Ava hold up her catch

Ken helping hold up Ava's catch