Monday, April 13, 2015

Jordan is Excited to be 10!

Jordan loves to celebrate! So it should come as no surprise she was super excited to celebrate her own birthday.

Hannah was pretty excited about the pretty presents.

Hannah, your favorite doll for the present?

Jordan loves her gift from Ava.

Oh no, who let Hannah get a present again?

Trying to make the trade with Hannah. Remember your favorite doll? You know you want to trade me.

Maybe if we let Hannah help unwrap the present.

Jordan trying to give Ava a shoulder ride. Yes, hold on tight Ava.

Hugs for Mom.

Jordan chose Mudpie this year for her birthday. Yum! She really wanted to light her own candles.

Making a wish...

Getting ready to  blow...

Uh, oh you missed one...

A little about Jordan.

Favorite color? Changes almost every day! 
Favorite food? Taco salad
What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher 
Favorite thing to do? Be with my family
Who are your friends? Olivia Saint, Jordan Durnal, Bella, Lauren, Emma, Anna, and Taiya
What is your favorite toy? Books  
Favorite Story/Book? All of them but I love the genre romance, and adventure
Where do you want to live when you get big? Arizona
How many kids are you going to have? 3
Favorite song? Lindsey Stirling's songs
Favorite movie? Disney movies
What makes you happy? Everything ( except  being yelled at )
What makes you sad? When I get yelled at
How do you know mom and dad love you? I don't know, I just do

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Random January 2015

There is no toy as fun as being able to empty a tissue box one tissue at a time.

Hannah waiting for all of her siblings to get done with their dentist appointments. I love our new dentist, who can see all of the kids at the same time. Our last one could only take one at a time. It took forever! Good news, all of the kids had excellent check ups. We are still waiting for Ava's tooth to fall out. She knocked it loose at some point and the root is gone but it still has not fallen out. Every time we see the dentist he says it will be out by the time we see him next and yet it still it hangs on.

Caden and Jordan did a free early morning choir through their school this year. Here are some pictures from their performance. Caden is in the second row up in the middle (behind the girl in the pink dress). He is standing next to his good friend Owen (to the left of Caden).

Jordan is in the second row down, third person in from the left. I could not get a picture of her because she kept putting her hands over her eyes to look for us (like in the picture) or another singer would block her.

Jordan and Caden after the performance.
Ken decided not to park his pick up in the driveway any more. We came home from the above concert to find that his pickup had slid on the ice down our driveway. Scary!

Chase trying to practice the piano in the chaos of my ceiling painting.

For preschool, we took a trip to the museum. Ken was nice enough to take the kids so I could get some other things done. The kids had a lot of fun. Ava and Hannah especially loved the tornado simulator. Ava did it over and over again and finally had to get out to let other kids have a chance.
Ava to the left and Hannah in the front.

Caden playing with some play-doh.

Ken took the girls out on a date. They stopped at Barnes and Nobles and found a book that they thought represented the other person.

While there, Jordan found a fun quote book about happiness she decided to get for the family.
Opening the book from Jordan.

Had to keep this. Love the look on Kailyn's face.

Hannah loves yogurt.

Sleeping beauty...

I will try to feed Hannah something and she won't even look at it before she drops it over the side of her highchair onto the floor. Of course, if I sit down to eat she immediately wants to try my food and digs right in (even though it was exactly the same thing). Here she is enjoying my quinoa and kale dish.

Hannah practicing the piano.   :)

Hannah taking a nap in the car. She loves this doll she got from Grandma and Grandpa Jones for Christmas. It sings and talks.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Random Feb 2015

Hannah at 1. She loves squinting her eyes right now.

For the Blue and Gold Banquet, the theme was 'Litter to Glitter.' The Cub Scouts were supposed to make a cake to represent the theme. Caden, who is not a fan of cake, decided to make a recycling bin made from rice krispie treats filled with chocolate chip cookies.

He won the 'anti-cake' award.

Remember the eagles I mentioned that were hanging out in the huge tree near our home? Here are some pictures of some of the birds.



In second grade, the teachers ask the parents to make a poster size valentine card for your second grader. Here is the poster I made for Caden.
Crazy-Yes, he can be a little silly and goofy at times but that is what we love about him. He always makes us laugh.
Adventurous-Caden is always up for a challenge. He especially loves rock climbing.
Determination-When Caden puts his mind to something, he keeps working at it until he gets it right. He is amazing at Karate and reading because of his determination.
Everyone's Friend. Caden is one of the nicest people you will meet. He is kind to everyone and has a way of making everyone feel special.
Nice & Kind-He loves his family so much! He is just amazing. He just has to look as his little sister (Hannah) and she is laughing and smiling. We are so glad he is a part of our family. We love him SOOOOO much!
The front

Why does eating have to be such a messy affair?

Hannah loves 'singing' into the microphone on Ava's Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Sometimes you just need a little nap.

Getting ready to open a package from Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Hannah was so tired but it was such a terrible time to be sleeping (5pm- too late for a nap, too early for bed). Ken tried to get her walking around to wake her up but sleep won out.

Kailyn and Jordan played basketball this year. Ken worked a lot of weekends so I was left most weeks running the 2 of them to their games, with other kids in tow. Unfortunately, this meant I didn't get any pictures other than this random one of Kailyn.
Kailyn is kneeling on the floor (on the right) waiting to go in and play.
Chase and Ava wanted to blow some bubbles, so they went out in the snow. They had so much fun. They were laughing, jumping and spinning around. Love seeing my kids so happy and playing together.

Ava painting her nails with her nail polish she got for her birthday. Did you notice her Elsa hair and her Frozen necklace and little bag?

Caden eating some popcorn and reading a book (I think he has the Percy Jackson books memorized)

Jordan trying to convince me she needs her bangs trimmed.

Trying to finish my book for book club. (Picture courtesy of one of my kids)

Chase is often getting or making things at school and he always asks me to take a picture of it. So here you go Chase, here is a picture of your cookie you got from school.

I had this rainbow making square that I used for preschool. Hannah thought it was great.

Random pictures of Hannah.

After school, the boys were playing in the snow and were so excited to show me their karate moves. They would get blocks of ice and then chop them in half with their hands. Pretty impressive boys!
Caden showing the block he chopped in half.

Chase trying to find a piece to chop.

Setting it up to chop.

Caden getting ready to show off his skills.

Chase's piece he chopped in half.

Caden in action

Hannah following in Kailyn's footsteps.

Hannah you know you can push that shopping cart? You don't have to carry it everywhere.

Ava thought her dinner needed a little salt. Not sure where she got this idea since we don't even normally have salt on the table. Yeah she used like a tablespoon. I unfortunately missed the ordeal but the girls were able to capture her reaction. Don't think she will be doing that again anytime soon.

We took a preschool field trip to an ice cream shop in February. The kids loved it!, especially the ice cream at the end (even though it was freezing outside)

The owner showing how to make waffle cones. Ava told everyone she did not want to make one because she might burn herself.

Kailyn's friend/locker buddy, Anna, had her birthday in February, so Kailyn decorated their locker and brought cupcakes to school (Anna's favorite dessert).
Anna loved her locker.