Sunday, April 13, 2014

Double Digits!

Can you believe our oldest has hit the double digits? Kailyn turned 10 this year! I love celebrating my kids' special days.
Showing off her new bracelets.

Book from Grandma and Grandpa Bassett.
New rollerblades!

Two cute party guest.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fall Festivities 2013

October, what a fun month! Grandma and Grandpa Jones sent a package and one of the things in the box was a kit to make gingerbread ghost houses. The kids had a lot of fun building them and of course sampling the frosting and candy.

Chase, Caden and Ava hard at work creating their masterpieces.

The kids got a little silly with the frosting.

No Jordan, there is nothing on your face.

Gotta test the frosting out.

Chase snitching a little.

Caught red green handed.

The finished haunted houses. (Ava had fallen asleep)

Some gorgeous pictures taken by Ken...
Standing in our backyard and taking a picture.

Looking out of our kitchen window. I love the big tree and mountains.
Pumpkin carving. We let the kids pick what we were going to carve, bad idea. Of course, they had to choose the hardest pictures. It was a busy night and in the end the girls never finished their pumpkin. Oops.
Love the tongue Caden

Chase and Caden

Ava posing for a picture.

OK, you got the picture now clean me up!

The girls working on their pumpkin.

The picture the boys were working on.

Wow! Looks good boys.

Jordan working.

Kailyn working hard on all of the little details.

Every year around Halloween we have dinner in a pumpkin. Then on Halloween night we get together with friends for soups/stews and treat-or-treating together.

First pumpkin was stew.

Second pumpkin was 'dinner in a pumpkin'.

Halloween 2013

I lucked out this year and was able to go Jordan's class Halloween party. She was so excited to have Ava and me there.

Jordan's craft.

Ava was so excited to get to go and even more excited to try a cookie. 

Ava as a mummy.
Jordan's class

After Jordan's party the whole school had a costume parade. Its fun to see all of the kids' costumes.

Kailyn waving.

Caden wanted to be a robot and the look on his face when I showed him what I had created for his costume was priceless. He was over the moon excited!

Jordan as Ginny, NOT Hermione. Obviously, she is Ginny just look at the red hair.

Trying to get a picture outside of the school, but it was a little too sunny.

Picture with Mom.

Everyone in their costumes for Trick or Treating. Caden the robot, Kailyn the witch, Chase as batman, Jordan as Ginny, and Ava as a princess.

Fall 2013 Sports

Fall was a busy time for us. Caden and Kailyn did soccer (Jordan decided she didn't want to play this year). Then after soccer season Kailyn and Jordan did basketball. Somehow we totally dropped the ball on taking pictures. we never even got a picture of Jordan in basketball.  Probably has a lot to with the fact I was pregnant with all the kids by myself, since Ken was working.

Kailyn in the middle in red shorts.

Kailyn's soccer team.

Kailyn's basketball team. She had a great couch this year.