Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Feb 2016

Ava and Hannah ready to go have some fun in the snow.

Look at all of the snow we got over night.

We are not used to this much snow where we live. It does make great snow for forts, snowmen, and sledding.

Hannah so tired that she just feel asleep in the middle of the floor. This girl can not get on a sleeping schedule, it is very frustrating.

Caden's "cake" that he made for the Blue and Gold banquet for Cub Scouts. He does not like cake so he decided to make brownies instead.

One day when Ken was watching Ava he decided to let her make cookies. He gave Ava complete control of making them. So Ava got out the ingredients, she thought she needed.

She measured out how much she thought she needed of each ingredient.

Then she put them into the oven to bake. She decided they didn't look right and added some milk and eggs. The final product actually didn't turn out too bad.

The kids opening a Valentine's Day box from Grandma and Grandpa.




Caden ad Chase


What Chase thinks he will look like when he is 100 years old.

Gotta love that smile.

Hannah trying on my sunglasses.

Ava seeing how my sunglasses look on her.

The box Jordan make for Valentine's Day.

Caden at his music concert for school.

Jordan, Hannah, and Ava doing a spa night together.

Jordan helping Hannah fly a kite.

What a cutie!

Jordan loved these flowers that just bloomed and wanted her picture with them.

Jordan made Honor Choir. There is only about 4 kids that make it from our school. They meet up with all the kids in the district and practice for weeks and then have a preformance. Jordan has a beautiful voice!

Jordan's basketball team. (Jordan is front row left)

Ava and Hannah wanted to be twins. They are so cute! I love these girls!

Caden and his friend Owen practicing their duet for the school talent show.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

May 2017

I love the music programs that our elementary puts on, especially our Kindergarten program. The songs and kids are so stink'n cute! Ava is top row middle.

Ava had a speaking part and did awesome! She was easy to hear and understand.

Chase wanted to trying doing a new hairstyle on his own. Looking good Chase!

Jordan had to do something called a passion project. No surprise she baked something. She is breaking up some hard candy to put on some cupcakes she made.

Jordan's friend Reese helping to make cupcakes for their project. (Hannah is looking on and hoping she will get to lick something)

We had a really wet, heavy snow fall late in the season this year. Sadly it destroyed our tree in the front yard. The kids love climbing in this tree. So sad to come home and see our tree laying in the yard.

Another view of the tree. Many trees in our neighborhood were killed. 

Well, Jordan finally talked us into getting a dog. Here she is helping to pick out the puppy we want (Caden was with us but I sadly didn't get a good picture of us).

Here is our the puppy we picked at 6 weeks old. He was so tiny.

Ironically, this is the puppy Jordan didn't want when we were looking at pictures before we went to pick.

This is the puppy she wanted based on pictures but he was way too timid for our big family.

I love my book club! Here we are in a parking garage after seeing a movie based on a book we read. As part of the evening we ended up eating brownies out of the pan in the parking garage. 

Picture from Kaiyn's last day of Middle School.

Ava getting an award from her soccer couch. She has had him for the last two years and was so sad when she found out he wasn't going to be her couch next year. He has been my favorite couch of any of the couches that my kids have had.

Ava with her couch and soccer team

Ava is super happy when we going swimming at our community pool.

Hannah was tired and not in a very good mood.

Luckily, Ava was there to cheer up Hannah.

Gotta love big sisters.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Christmas 2015





Jordan and Hannah

All the girls (Ava, Jordan holding Hannah, and Kailyn)

Christmas Eve we let the kids open one present. This year everyone got BYU hats.

The kids all wanted to sleep on their floors together.
Chase and Caden

Ava and Jordan

All the gifts under the tree.

Christmas breakfast before we open presents.

Opening stockings.

Its hard when everything isn't for you.

Jordan making Hannah happy again.

Jordan got a lump of coal for Christmas.

A plate Caden made for Ken and me.

A snowman Chase made for Ken and me.

Chase got distracted and forgot to finish writing who it was from.

Hannah loved the chocolate and quickly started stealing from others.

Ava really wants her ears pierced so she can wear earrings. We are not ready to let her get them pierced yet (she needs to be old enough to be able to care for them on her own) so she was super excited to get clip-ons.

Caden got a Pillow Chum for his birthday and the rest of the kids all really wanted on too. So guess what the 3 youngest got for Christmas.

Watch out I think someone stole some chocolate.
Kailyn was very excited to get some combat boots.