Friday, January 25, 2013

Megan and David's Wedding

So the main reason we were in Utah, to see these two get married...
David and Megan
Jordan loved holding Brinlee (and Brinlee loved Jordan)

Trying to get everyone in place for a big group picture.

The Jones siblings and parents.

All the grandkids minus Krew (who was not wanting to be in the picture).
We haven't taken a good family picture in awhile, so we gave it a shot...

All of the girls in their pretty dresses.

Chase and Caden showing off their suspenders and bow ties.

Chase and Krew dancing with Aunt Ashley.

Ava ready to go home and go to bed.


chrisjones said...

So fun to see your pictures of the wedding! You have some cute ones!

Judy said...

You got some great family pictures. Too bad that by next Christmas, everyone will look different so you'll need a new picture for your Christmas card!